Yogendra chavhan photo editing challenge

Hi I am Shubham Chavan. I am showing Yogendra chavhan instagram photo editing challenge l Photo edit like Yogendra chavhan l SC.

🔸 Camera using – Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with 85mm
🔸 ISO – 100, f1.6, shutter speed -1/3200s

Model Photo – http://www.mediafire.com/view/uunmxfevbqvrbxf/625A2116%20copy.jpg

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Photoshop shortcut keys – 

🔸Duplicate Layer: Ctrl+J
🔸Select all:- Ctrl+A
🔸Merge : alt+ctrl+shift+E

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This channel is dedicated to Adobe Photoshop tutorial , Photo Editing Tutorial, Light-room tutorial , like Manipulation, Logo Design , Action movies poster design,Mix tape poster design,photo editing and many more that want to share my whole experience with you.

My small article on Yogendra chavhan

        Yogendra Chavan has now become an internet sensation because of his flawless and creative photography skills. His Instagram handles is filled with some of the beautiful stills that he had captured through years.
         As a photographer Yogendra has achieved many big things like he has worked with some of the most popular celebrities like Shivani Rangole who is a mainstream Marathi actress.
     Yogendra chavhan is the one of the best photographer in Pune dist. He takes Photography classes in Pune (Chinchwad). If you are interested then follow him on Instagram or contact him. 
He using lots of cameras but specially he used canon EOS 5D Mark IV with 85mm and 70-200mm.
He is also a best pre-weeding photographer in maharastra.

before and after my editing result watch the video and learn it.

Its for you

         There are many different skill levels on the site, so if you’re still learning you can team up with others that are new to the industry as well. What and if you charge for shoots will all depend on your skill level and portfolio. Some models will charge you to photograph them, some photographers will charge models and designers for a shoot, and some will do a trade so that you can help each other better your portfolios. Find models in your area you’d like to work with and most likely they’ll find you as well. 

        Once you have an impressive portfolio and have worked with several models and designers you’ll find that people will start coming to you.

          A stagnant portfolio isn’t appealing to anyone, so keep adding and growing yours while you grow your network as well.

This model photo click by yogendra chavhan official. I am just editing this photo in photoshop while accepting his challenge for editing. 

I hope you like my blog. If you have any type of queries related photo editing then comment blow or dm on social media.

Thank you for visit us.

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